10 Ways to Achieve Financial Independence Quicker

We all want to earn more money? Correct. I believe the key to achieving Financial Independence is unlocking as many ways to earn money as possible. Diversifying your income and finding a number of ways to earn money is key. Passive income, i.e the ability to earn money whilst not working, provides you with the ability to earn money for minimal effort.

I have come up with ten ways anyone can increase their income to achieve Financial Independence quicker. These aren’t easy get rich quick scheme’s. I am not going to tell you how to sell stuff on ebay to earn yourselves a bit of money or how you can fill out online surveys to earn an extra £10. These are ten ways you can considerably increases your income. Over the past 12 months I have used these income streams myself and I can vouch for each and everyone one of them.

If I said to you with a few hours work  you could an extra £1,000 a month you would do it. Whilst there are no guarantees on this earth, each one of these methods is tried and tested, myself and my clients have done them and continue to use them to bring in extra income. Over time they could even become your main source of income.

Disclaimer: This isn’t a fool proof way to becoming rich in a year. This isn’t me giving you a step by step guide to becoming rich. These don’t exist. I am giving you ideas on how to build your income to help you achieving your ultimate goal of increasing your wealth and becoming financially independent.

I have also included a bonus one at the end. Why have I included this? It’s that good you would ignore the other ten. If you want a method to make money without any risk, with guaranteed profits and no tax to pay on them profits scroll to the bottom. There is a way to make money without any risk following a simple mathematical formula. Sound to be good to be true? Yes, that’s why it’s a bonus method!

Ten Ways to Increase your Income to become Financially Independent

1) Build your own online business

This one is the one I think each and every one of us should do. It is clear to me that the world is changing, my profession specifically isn’t changing with the times and faces getting left behind. There are hundreds of industries out there that are the same.

Too many people think of a business as something that has a bricks and mortar office. The costs of starting this sort of business are unbelievable. Where as the costs of creating your own online business are minimal. Read how I started my own business for under £150.

The time that it takes to build a business online is significant and it doesn’t just happen over night. The key is to focus on providing quality for your customers. Customers are a little more cautious when it comes to buying a product or service online, so you need to give them a reason to do so.

Unsure on where to go? I will have a guide coming soon on how to launch your own online business.

What business could you build? There are hundreds of ideas you could use. However, focus on what you know and what you are good at and work on one specific idea.

2) Buy a Holiday Let

As you can tell, property is one of the biggest ways I create wealth for clients or myself, whether that is through buying and selling them, renting or running them as a holiday let.

Holiday letting is something I started looking into in 2014, as the returns on this are far greater than that of a normal rental property. Of course the risks are far greater, you don’t have a constant source of income and the time spent on them can be quite a lot.

The key is getting a method in place early on. A lot of the work can be outsourced, you can hire cleaners to clean the property, you can hire maintenance men to repair anything and you can let a letting company take care of the rental side of things.

I personal try and do as much as I can, one as I am a control freak and think I can do things better than anyone else, and two because if I don’t I will never learn the best way to do anything.

In the North of England you can buy a bog stand two bed holiday home from around £100,000 and easily get a 10% return in the first year. I managed to achieve a 45% return in a 12 month period on a holiday let. This was a lot easier as the property had already been ran as a holiday let and had a lot of repeat customers. Since then I have seen clients purchase properties and earn c£20,000 in their first year. This is what some people earn from a full time job.

The common misconception is that you need a lot of savings to get involved with property. I have evidenced that you only need a minimal amount, such as £5,000, to start investing in property. Not everyone has this, and if you won’t make £20,000 in your first year if you have only £5,000, but the return you make will be significant as you will only have £5,000 invested!

Struggling with where to start with property, read my guide on investment property for beginners.

3) Launch a consultancy business

Each and every one of us has something we are knowledgeable about. Whether that is property, blogging, personal finance, knitting, product development or even Pokémon Go. Each and every one of these disciplines has a consultancy business attached to it. There are people as we speak launch consultancy businesses on every topic known to man.

What are you knowledgeable about? What do you enjoy talking about? Is there anything can you consider yourself an expert in? These are questions you need to answer, take your time to think about it.

How did I choose? Well I wrote down a list of 50 things that I enjoy doing and I am interested in. I then wittled those down to one’s I would consider myself knowledgeable in. I then looked to see if there where already consultants in this area. Each of the areas there where already people putting themselves as experts, and making money from it. This was a great sign, competition is never a bad thing. Each one of them had a different view to mine, one where I could challenge and hopefully work with them to develop the field.

Now comes the key thing. In this day and age each and everyone one of us can start a consultancy business online today. How do you stand out? You need to evidence that you are an expert. Prove you know what you are talking about? How do you do this? By writing articles, by posting on forums, by commenting on articles. Joining social media. Build yourself an online presence.

This post is long enough already without me going into how to start a consultancy business. Read my in depth guide on how you can do it tomorrow.

4) Buy, renovate and sell property

You might be getting the theme here, I am massively into property. Now don’t get me wrong investing in property has become a lot less profitable (Thanks George Osbourne), and there are changes afoot to make it even less profitable.

Does this mean we shouldn’t do it? No. Does this mean we need to be more careful and spend more time researching and speaking to professional before we do it? Definitely.

This is one of my favourite areas to generate income and wealth to help towards achieving financial independence. Firstly, at the end of each project you have something that you are proud of and you have something to sell that you provide to a family who need a home.

Again a lot of the work can be outsourced, I personally would prefer to be hands on. For example take a property I bought in April 2015, the property was bought repossessed for £92,500. This was stamp duty exempt at the time, with legal costs of £570. I then spent a further £6,000 renovating the property and the property was put on the market in 2016 at £125,000. This was in a rather rundown area of Yorkshire where house prices have not increased at all over the past 12 months. A sale of £120,000 has been agreed with further legal costs of £425. A profit of £20,505 has been achieved in a year. This is a return of 22.1% in a year. This is before any taxes, however, these will be minimal.

If you wanted to you could even have borrowed a significant proportion of the money and received any even greater return. You could then have had workmen carry out a higher percentage of the work. This is so easy to scale.

Read the step by step guide on how I got a 22.1% return renovating a property.

5) Niche website building

This is something I had a go at and loved. The idea of building a website that provides you a passive income once it is set up is something that I think we should all be interested in. Niche website building is something that is time heavy to begin with and the returns are minimal to start with. However, once it is up and running there is very little work to keep it going.

So what are Niche websites? A niche website is a website that focus on specific information that is both useful and interesting. This doesn’t mention making money, and I don’t think it should. At the end of the day you have to offer the consumer something.

Niche websites are thing such as ideas on things to do in London, the best wireless headphones, cricket bat reviews, guides to Pokémon go etc…. Niche websites can be on anything you want and have a specialism in. What niche websites do I run? I have two, one is a resource website for a very popular football game the other is a review website on the best sporting equipment.

How do you make money from them? This is very simple.

Firstly you need to produce, interesting, informing and relevant content for your industry. It helps that you have an interest in the industry or at least know something about the industry. My gaming website I produced resources that the readers could download for absolutely free if they signed up to my blog. I then followed this up with links to future releases and additional content they could buy.

The sporting equipment website was easy. Each and every guide had a link to Amazon, if they purchased it through amazon I then earned between 5%-10% of that purchase.

The on going work for these websites is minimal. I built a 12,000 subscriber list in three months with my gaming website, which now allows me to continually pump products to them and take a nice passive income. These website can produce anything from £100-£10,000 a month in income.

Want help creating one? I am happy to carry out one on one consulting time, simple click the contact me on the right and we can have a chat.

6) Become Self Employed

I have written about this before and I will continue to write about it as I think it’s something not enough people consider. The benefits to going self employed are quite self explanatory, you take control of our own life (Before you become Financially Independent!), you can follow your dreams and do something you love and more importantly it is very tax efficient!

Now I know you will say each and everyone one of the ideas I am professing is technically a self employed job and you are right. What I am talking about here is doing your day job for yourself. I work in finance and banking, previously I worked for an international bank doing this role, however, I decided that enough was enough and did it for myself.

I have spoke about why I became self employed before. This is the easiest way to getting a pay rise. Now I appreciate there are a lot of industries this won’t work in, but if you earn what you currently do in your job you will take home far more.

7) Publish a Book or an E-Book

Now I am sure there are many of you that think this is a little bit drastic and it is probably a ridiculous idea to write your own book. Well, I disagree. I am currently in the process of writing my own book. I am able to write it, have it proof-read and the book designed (I.e Front and Back cover) for £70.

Are you telling me that you don’t have some experience or skills that you can share with the world? I know I do and I am certain you do. I believe that the writing of my book will be easy, the structuring won’t and it will take a bit of time.

However, I love writing it. The whole process is great fun as it is on a topic I love. Once you have written a book you can earn forever. You no longer need a publisher, you can self publish without paying anyone a penny. Every single one of us can publish a book, so why not try it?

As a tester I wrote and published a book in 10 days under an anonymous name. This book had no advertising and I just stuck it on Amazon and didn’t tell anyone I know. I am writing a blog post on it as we speak.

Writing a book can be the ultimate passive income, of course the more productive you are and the more you promote it the more you will earn.

8) Start an Amazon FBA Business

Everyone has heard of Amazon, but very few people have heard of Amazon FBA. FBA stands for Fulfilment by Amazon. When you buy something on Amazon the chances are that you are buying something that is from a third party seller.

My first warning is, this is not something that you should take lightly and takes a lot of work to get going and should be treat like a business. However, this type of business can be run by anyone who has business acumen and a lot of common sense.

So how does it work?

You purchase/acquire product (Either creating your own or improving someone else’s), you deliver this to one of amazon’s many FBA warehouses. When a customer orders a product Amazon will send it directly to them. You focus on purchasing the product and driving the sales. You don’t need any staff as Amazon deal with all of the customer service. Sounds easy.

So how do you find the product?

The most important company in this is Alibaba. This is a wholesale Chinese market, where you can purchase pretty much any product that sales on Amazon in bulk. The type of product you need to look for you can get on Alibaba for between $2-$10 and sell them on for anywhere between £20.99 and £25.99. You can purchase them completely branded with your own brand. I would head over to Fiverr to get your brand designed to keep costs down.

Once you have your product you can use one of a number of shipping/freight companies online to get your products to Amazon for a small fee.

Once they are with Amazon you just have to design your sellers page and there you have it. Now I am not saying this is easy and there is a lot of costs involved, however, there is a lot of money to be made as evidenced, here, here and here. (Insert Links).

I am currently completing a case study and will have a step by step guide ready in the next week!

9) Become a Day Trader

Some people will frown upon this and I can think of one in particular. I appreciate this is no for everybody and this is basically middle class gambling and I am not advising you on any particular stocks or trying to influence you to buy any stocks.

I have frequently been interested in this and first got into it when I went to stay with a friend at University, suffice to say I didn’t think my night in Newcastle would end up with us two sat there reading about derivatives!

Day trading is simply where you buy and sell shares over the internet with the intention of profiting from small price fluctuations.

This is something that is very time consuming as before I buy any shares I take a lot of time looking into the company that I am buying into. I have a low propensity to risk and feel that by investing my time before I buy into shares I am minimising my risk, but I am also minimising my return. For this article I did a test with £1,000. Each day for a week I spent pretty much the whole day buying and selling shares.

How did it go? Well I would like to say I trebled my money but it didn’t work out like that. At the end of the week I had £1,202. 33. I made a 20.2% return in a week. Now if I did this over the course of a year I would be a very rich man. However, the time I put in probably wasn’t worth the return.

If I had invested £10,000 I would be £2,020 better off which is definitely worth a week. So this could be a gold mine if you can dedicate the time and effort too it.

10) Freelancing

As you can tell there is a theme around all of these ideas. None of them involve physical offices, or premises or shops. Why? Because I don’t believe there are opportunities in this area to get the returns necessary to achieve financial independence.

You can no doubt earn a lot of money by creating a ‘physical business’, however, the money and time spent setting them up is unbelievable. Each and everyone of those ideas you could set up relatively quickly and cheaply and start getting a return instantly.

To many people focus on how much your turnover is, or how much profit you make. The key is your return on equity. Simply put I don’t want to invest £100,000 into a business when I can do the same thing for £10,000 and no doubt make money.


Now this is very different from all the other methods, however, this method is the easiest, is the least risky and provides a guaranteed return. Matched Betting. Matched betting is taking advantage of bookmakers free offers and placing two simultaneous bets to make sure that in any event you make a profit. Sound to be good to be true?

Read my post on how to do it, and also on whether it really works or not.

I was sceptical, no doubt about it, I was sceptical. However, google it, read my blog posts on it, there are thousands of websites showing it works. If you are in doubt, follow me go through it step by step.

The basics are you place a bet with one bookmaker, (Bet365) and then go on a betting exchange and bet against the two other odds. My example was Stevenage v Plymouth. You place £200 (Free money from Bet365 to all new customers) on Plymouth to win, you then place £200 on Betfair.com (Your own money) on Plymouth to lose or draw. If Plymouth win you win £450 and if Plymouth lose or draw you win £475. As you have only invested £200 you profit a minimum £250 for half an hours work.

You can keep doing this using all the bookmakers welcome offers and then using ‘reload offers’. You can make a lot of money by following this step by step guide. I hope you can see why I have included it as a bonus!

Achieving Financial Independence Quicker

There we have ten (and a bonus!)great ways you can increase your income to help you become self sufficient and financially independent in the UK and retire early.

Each of these methods could have another 20 ways of making money online, or at home, there are infinite ways to make money at home, however, as this post is already over 3000 words long I can’t tell you them all. Be creative, use these ideas as a stepping stone to creating your own business.

I feel the world would be a better place if we just all worked for ourselves and used our time to come up with new ideas and just did it.

Each of these ideas  I have tried, my friends have tried and I have helped clients try and make money from them. I will be writing in detail about each and everyone in the coming weeks. If you have any questions, please send me an email or comment below and I will answer them all.

If there is one thing I can say to you, just start one of these today. Don’t wait a year, start it today. Every step you take is one step closer to achieving Financial Independence.

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