About Me

Welcome to Pound, Shilling and Pence.

Well firstly, I am James. I work in personal finance and have done ever since I left school. I have no boss, I am my own boss. It never occurred to me to have a nice safe 9-5 job working 8 hours a day to do what someone else wanted me to do. Upon leaving school, I didn’t go to university (That didn’t go down well with my family!) and I just got a job. I used my employers to gain a set skillset that would serve me well in the future.

Since then I have worked for a number of different companies, started online businesses, ran blogs, ran a restaurant (That went better than expected), I have tried everything. I am a serial entrepreneur I like trying out business ideas and I like helping other people make money. However, I spend my days helping other people earn more money, save money and developing my other business interests.

My hobby is making money, I enjoy it and I enjoy helping people make money.

This whole blog is about helping you.

My Life

I don’t live a standard life for someone in their mid twenties. I have owned a property for over 6 years, me and my partner have greater wealth than the average person twenty years old than us, and we currently own two properties. This isn’t to brag, this is to show you that you can do this when even starting out your career. The younger the start the richer you can be.

I work 7 days a week, that is not to say that I am a workaholic or that I spend every hour working, I don’t. Each day I am productive. I believe that if I do something every single day towards my business, however small, I will reap the rewards. Of course I take holidays and breaks, they are vital, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be productive. Yesterday I saved £144 a year from 12 minutes work.

I believe people glamorise earning money online or diversifying your income streams. On this website I talk about ways you can earn money in twenty minutes with no risk. However, I am in this position in life because I work hard and I continue to work hard.

This is because I have passion and enjoy what I am doing. I am happy with my life, which is so important.

Becoming rich slowly is easy. It’s not just reserved for pop stars and footballers.

Financial Independence

I’ve talked before on how I found out about Financial Independence. This was a turning point, it brought a lot more focus to my work and my money. It allowed me very quickly to double my net worth.

How did we do it?

We did it by saving. Sounds simple. Every time I managed to earn more money I didn’t increase what I spent, there was no lifestyle inflation, I just increased the amount I saved or increased my mortgage payments to pay it off quicker.

I focus on increasing my income, as I know if I do this my wealth will increase. I have made as many efficiency savings as I can and made sure that I am making the most of my money. The next stage is increasing your income. I focus on projects that provide the best return for the time I spend on them.

We didn’t take any unnecessary debt. We have a mortgage, as most people our age do, but we bought sensibly, a simple three bedroom detached house.

I am well on my way to becoming Financially Independent by the time I am 30.


I believe that life is too short, there is no point working 60 hours a week to achieve Financial Independence by the time you are 45. Why waste the next 20 years of your life working so hard that you don’t enjoy your life?

As I said, I have a huge passion for making money, I enjoy it. However, I am not going to spend my life working the way up the corporate ladder just so I can retire in my mid forties. I am working for myself, if I want a week off I have a week off, if I want to work 12 hour days I work 12 hour days.

The difference is I am in control of my life, I am free. I focus on projects I enjoy and I do something that I love doing. I could earn a lot of money if I stayed working for someone else, but I didn’t want that.

How can I help you?

Firstly, this is no get rich quick scheme. This blog is not like some you see on the internet profession to make you a millionaire and your own boss by the time you are 30. You are going to have to accept that something may go wrong, you may make a mistake.

Simply learn what you did wrong and improve upon it.

I have worked with hundreds of people as part of my job to improve their personal finance situation, to help them start their own businesses, and diversify their income. Whether that is online or offline.

Anyone can start their own Financial Independence journey, they just need help to do it. Why me?

I have bought and sold houses, I have started online businesses, I have helped create apps, I have helped others build property portfolios. I have started blogs, online businesses, affiliate websites. Day to day I work with people to help them earn more money and save money.

Want to start your own Financially Independence journey? Well join me and we can work together.

This blog will help you decrease your spending and increasing your income. I will provide you with step by step help and give you that helping hand.

I am a financial coach, and I want to share the experiences I have gained to help you increase your wealth.