December’s Progress towards Financial Independence

Progress toward Financial Independence

Firstly, this is a horrifically late post, and one that I have spent far too long on! Mainly as my income and savings has changed somewhat rapidly.

The aim with this blog is to build a site that helps people and inspires people to success. I am well on my way to achieving Financial Independence, I am also well on my way to earning a full time income online alone.

Most importantly I want to show you much hard work goes into achieving Financial Independence. I love what I am doing and I love working with people to help save them money and make them money. Nevertheless I work very hard, and put a lot of hours in, and at the end of each and every month I will show you how much I earn an hour.

December’s Income

December was meant to be a month of taking advantage of Matched Betting and just earning as much money as possible, however, it has lead to me coming across a new business opportunity, a decision with my partner (Miss PSP) to move across the country to be nearer family and friends, and me deciding to change my business to a fully online business.

What a month!

Before I go into that, let’s look at how this all affected my income.

Business Profits and Consulting Income – £3,726


This was a month that I am happy with, I have had a lot of costs to contend with and a lot of unplanned outgoings. Considering the last two weeks where a right off due to Christmas and the decision to relocate, this meant I had to really consider my options business wise.

Luckily for me a lot of my work is done remotely, and I tend to work most of the time at home so this allows me to relocate relatively easily, however, I can’t pretend it didn’t stop me working hard.

Matched Betting – £1,320


Well my income keeps increasing, and this is free money.

Wouldn’t you love to make free money every single month? Yes you would.

It is no coincidence since I joined OddsMonkey  my earnings have increased significantly. The forums are excellent and I have received excellent support from everyone, and it really does help if you are trying to put as many bets on as you can in such a small space of time.

If anyone is thinking of starting, why not use OddsMonkey’s free trial and they walk you through earning £50 today!


Affiliate Income – £169.91


Affiliate income is something that I have always wanted to get involved with and I have sporadically over the years earned money from it, however, this is the first time the money has started to increase steadily over the months.

It isn’t quite enough for me to focus too much time on it, but I think this is something I could easily increase my income if I had enough time to do it.

Banking Income – £55

My banking income took a bit of a hit this month, and unfortunately it will continue to do so. My cashflow is taking a bit of a hit for the next couple of months, and I am going to spending a lot of money due to relocation, so I can’t see this increasing.

Want £100 free? – Get recommended to Nationwide and open a bank account and switch to Nationwide within 28 days and we can share £200. Simply comment below or send me an email!

Amazon Associates – £47.50


You have to love Christmas!

Well people keep clicking through to Amazon from the few sites that I have. I only ever link to Amazon if there is a reason, so really this is free income.

The key is getting people onto Amazon, once they are there, no matter what they are buying you will get a percentage of it. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t shop at Amazon?

Google Adsense – £1.20


Well even I find this pointless.

Is it worth having on my sites? Probably not, I will no doubt remove the adverts next month.

Total Income this month – £5,319.61

Total Income last month – £5,808.75


Disclaimer: This is before  tax or national insurance has been paid, and before any pension contributions. I have not included any income from my partner (She didn’t want it included!). A lot of my income is spread through a number of business and my tax affairs are complicated and will not be discussed on this site. 


Am I happy with last month?

I am reasonably happy, it was a bit of a decrease, but I probably spent far much time on non profitable things. My plans for 2017 are quite big, and I am really really looking forward to getting stuck in, which will hopefully see this explode.

Savings Report

Now for the most important bit. My mantra is simple, Work More, Earn More, Save More.

The more I work, the more I earn and the more I earn the more I save. It’s very simple, but something most people ignore. Just because you are earning more money, doesn’t mean that you can spend more money.

I don’t include my other half’s income for a number of reasons. From a savings perspective I can’t differentiate as I pretty much pay for everything and she saves everything! This month was a lot less than the previous couple of months, but it was still a significant 53%

Plans for 2017

Well there are far too many for me to talk about here, I have got so many posts lined up that will hopefully explain my plans.

  • Launch a niche website.
  • Launch a brand new authority blog.
  • Write my second e-book.
  • Relocate to a different part of the country.
  • Relaunch my business completely online.
  • I have put two houses onto the market, which will hopefully make £40,000.
  • Buy a new house for us both.
  • Get as many friends as I can into Matched Betting.
  • Blog, blog and blog some more.

So there are a lot of things that I have going on, how do I keep focused? I struggle, I really struggle. Fingers crossed I can keep my mind on track!


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  1. Hi James,
    Stumbled across your blog and have enjoyed and learnt much from your journey towards FI. Am very much looking forward to reading more, and perhaps doing similar myself! Best of luck and keep it up.

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