Does Matched Betting work in 2016?

In my two posts about how I made £2,120 in my first month matched betting and how does Matched betting work, I never really discussed the possibility of it not working. Matched betting is a simple formula that you need to follow, if you follow the formula there is no risk involved. So you might ask why I am writing a post on does matched betting work in 2016?

I think it is only fair that I discuss the positives and negatives in a bit more detail and ask the question everyone is asking Does Matched Betting work in 2016?

This blog is about providing you ways to increase your income and become financially independent quicker. I truly believe Matched Betting should be part of your strategy to increase your income, as does the Guardian.

Does Matched Betting work in 2016?

The simple answer is yes.

Around two or three years ago there used to be far more offers around from bookmakers, however, as bookmakers have cottoned on there are less and less offers around. This doesn’t mean doesn’t work now and there aren’t people making a lot of money from it.

People think Matched Betting is too good to be true and that it doesn’t work, and if it did work surely everyone would be doing it? Unfortunately not everyone wants to increase their income, not everyone is looking for ways to start earning money from their spare time. I am not asking you to give me any money by starting Matched Betting, this is me trying to help you. This isn’t like any online scam, you are able to take out a free trial and decide if it is worth it to you.

I have even show you your first two bets to get started and walked you through them. You can start matched betting tomorrow. Anyone can start Matched Betting tomorrow. You can use the two walkthroughs I have given you and prove to yourself that it works, and that isn’t all, you can sign up and for a small monthly fee get told every offer available.

Does Matched Betting work in 2016? Yes. Follow my walkthrough and how you can earn £195 with your first free bet! 

It’s too hard to get Started

You won’t start matched betting because it’s too hard. I am happy to take a bet (oh the irony) that 50% of you reading this won’t get started with match betting for two reasons:

1. It is too hard, and I don’t understand the concept.
2. You have never made a bet and don’t understand gambling.
3. You don’t know where to start.
4. You enjoy reading blogs and not doing anything about it.
5. I don’t have the time.

From my experience of telling friends about it and asking why they don’t do it, these are the excuses they have come up with. I can help with all of these.

Simply read my blog post on how Matched Betting works, and how to get started. This explains the formula behind Matched Betting and explains how matched betting works. It doesn’t use any gambling terms, and if I thought something was evenly slightly related to gambling I explained the term!

Before I did matched betting, I had made one bet a year and that was on football. I didn’t have any interest in gambling and I still don’t. Gambling is a waste of money as over the long term you are guaranteed to lose. Matched Betting isn’t gambling it provides you with a guaranteed, risk free, tax free, profit.

You don’t know where to start. Now this is one I can help you with, I have walked you through two bets step by step, and told you how much money I made making them bets. I have even offered to every single new subscriber the option for me to walk them through their first bet. Simply subscribe in the popup or the sidebar, and respond to the first email you get from me and I will give you a step by step guide to your first bet.

If you don’t want to take me up on my offer, simply sign up to OddsMonkey’s free trial. Why?

  • A completely free trial
  • They will walk you through your first £45-£60 for free
  • A support forum with over 10,000 members (I am a member!)
  • All offers are explained, meaning you just follow their steps rather than worry about terms and conditions
  • Star rating explaining how good the offers are

Simply sign up to OddsMonkey’s free trial. You can read my full review on Profit Accumulator.


Making Money comes from Motivation

If you are someone who doesn’t want to get started with Matched Betting, or doesn’t have the time, this is an issue I can’t solve, this is an issue only you can solve. Making money comes from motivation, my motivation is quite simple, I enjoy making money and showing people how to make money. My ultimate motivation is to provide for my family so that we can enjoy a lifestyle, whilst doing something I love.

What is yours?

The motivation to start Matched Betting will come when you know what you want that extra money for. If you set yourself a target of making £100, you will do it. If you set yourself a target of £2000, you will do it. You can started Matched Betting tomorrow and make money from it. You just need to find the motivation to do it.

So does Matched Betting work in 2016?

It certainly does.

Please read one of my many other posts or pages on the subject. I have written so many, because I believe it is a great way to earn extra money and for you to get started making money online. Anyone can make money via matched betting, you don’t need any qualifications there are no entry requirements. You can start tomorrow.

In any doubt? Sign up to OddsMonkey and try it for yourself.