Financial Independence 2017 UK – Six Monthly Income Report

As you can tell, this blog has been ignored for some time, however, I wanted to share how my Financial Independence 2017 journey had gone so far.

I often write about how you should spend time on things that are profitable and things that provide you a return on your time. Unfortunately and fortunately, things in my personal life and business life took off, which meant this blog was no longer viable.

However, I am now making over £150 a month from this blog, so I am delighted to say that I will be writing on a more regular basis.

Lot’s of things have changed in the past six months, however, my aim of achieving Financial Independence hasn’t changed, and I am still trying to promote Financial Independence UK. So how have things gone for me so far this year? Amazingly.

So what have I being up to? Lots:

  • I have relocated to Manchester.
  • I have sold two properties for a significant profit.
  • Started a new contractor role.
  • Re-branded my business and website.
  • Planned two further blogs and niche websites launching in the next six weeks.
  • Completely remodelled my personal finances

That’s the condensed version. I have focused these past six months on putting things in place that will hopefully serve me well for the next three years. The big one is the new contracting role that has guaranteed me £2,500 a month for the foreseeable future, with the possibility it will earn me a lot more.

However, the most important thing I have done is remodel my personal finances. I have massively simplified my finances currently and now I have halved my personal mortgage and sold the other properties I have. I still feel there is money to be made in property, but with relocating I wanted to liquidise all of my assets, which means I currently have lot of money sat in my savings accounts!

The big thing with my personal finances is that I can look at a spreadsheet and know where every penny is, and I’ve planned where every penny is going for the next year. It took a lot of time but it saved me a lot of money, but more importantly it is going to make sure I have made the most of the money I have.

Financial Independence 2017

One of the key things I am working towards this year is Financial Independence. The first six months have been about putting processes in place that make it easier for me to achieve Financial Independence.

When do I want to achieve Financial Independence? My aim is to achieve it by the age of 35, that is ten years time!

Is this achievable? Yes.

Is this a challenge? Definitely.

Not sure what Financial Independence is? Read up about Financial Independence.

So how much have I earned? Time to find out.

Six Month Income Report

Business Profits and Consulting Income – £24,436 – Monthly Average £4,072

There has been a huge rise and fall in the income I have seen, the last month been quite average, but July will see me earn a minimum of £7,000. This is due to the first payment of the consultancy income coming in. This should a rise towards the end of the year, however, I am sure every business owner thinks that!

Matched Betting – £7,200 – Monthly Average £1,200

This is something I am really proud of. I thought this might dip due to the relocation and everything else going on. This hasn’t been a focus, but I have tried to devote specific amounts of time to each week and that’s worked well.

The football season is over so this will dip over the next two months, but at the start of the year If you said to me I would make £7,200 risk free, and have that in my bank account I would have ripped your hand off!

How did I earn so much Matched Betting? Well, I spent every Saturday morning focusing on it. This is where there are some really good weekend offers, and it allowed me to plan all my other bets for the week. That way on my lunch hour I could simply place a bet or two knowing how much I was going to make.

Why not start Matched Betting?

If anyone is thinking of starting, why not use OddsMonkey’s free trial and they walk you through earning £50 today!

Affiliate Income – £462.52 – Monthly average – £77.06 a month

Affiliate income is something that I have always wanted to get involved with and I have sporadically over the years earned money from it, however, this has dipped for the past six months, and that’s mainly because my blogging has become sporadic or nothing at all.


Banking Income – £1,400 (Roughly) – £116 a month

This has increased significantly, mainly due to the fact I have had more cash in my accounts than normal.

Want £100 free? – Get recommended to Nationwide and open a bank account and switch to Nationwide within 28 days and we can share £200. Simply comment below or send me an email!

Amazon Associates – £102.00 – £17 a month


I literally have no idea where this money has come from, and no idea what links I have on the internet to Amazon. However, another free £100? Why not!

The key is getting people onto Amazon, once they are there, no matter what they are buying you will get a percentage of it. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t shop at Amazon?

Property Profits – £12,400 – Monthly Average – £2,066

Not bad money at all.

This was one transaction due to a property I sold. The property itself was bought at auction a year ago, and we knew that we would make a significant profit on the house.

What did we do? Nothing much, we bought a house cheap, renovated it whilst keeping the costs down. If you are planning to sell a property quickly why spend a fortune on top of the range fixtures and fittings?

We put basic stuff in, and sold it for a £1,000 under the asking price! Fingers crossed there should be some more profit coming in August.

Total Six Month Income – £46,000.52 – Average Monthly Income – £7,666.75

Well what an amazing six months. This is significantly increased by a one off property sale, but this shows how much you can make on property if you work hard.

Matched Betting has been a huge part of my profits, and I really recommend people read about what it is and give it a try.

However, I achieved this by doing something quite simple.

Work more, Earn more, Save more. 

I worked on things that are profitable, so the longer and harder I worked the more I earned and due to how my finances are structured. The more I earned the more I saved.

So How much did I save?

Not as much as I wanted..

I saved around £17,500, taking into account I have moved house, had solicitors and moving costs to factor in. I still consider that to be a huge saving in six months.

What do I plan to do now?

Well firstly I plan to write on a weekly basis on this blog. I plan to try and diversify my blog drastically, and I want to earn more from more sources.


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  1. Hi James, that’s a very impressive 6-month income report, and quite an achievement with your blogging income considering you haven’t posted so much! You’re doing a great job of earning from multiple sources, and it sounds as if that’s likely to continue. Good luck with the weekly posts, I’ll keep an eye out!

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