How to start Making Money Online in 2017

You often read about people talking about how much money they make online or how much you can earn working from home, but very rarely do you ever see anyone actually tell you How to start making money online in 2017. It took me a long time to earn anything working online or from home, but in the end I did.

I faced a number of obstacles and a number of them I put in my own way. This post is about how I overcame them and how you can to, so that you know how to start making money from online.

I will give you a little bit of background. A few years ago I was an avid blogger, on a specific gaming nice, I had no desire to make money or intention to make money, I just enjoyed blogging. Whilst I was looking for blogging tips on how to make my blog look better I came across ways to monetize my site and other ways to make money online.

What I should of done at this point is start straightaway. Instead I read every blog there is, I found out about Financial Independence and a number of other things, things that I would use later on in life, but I didn’t earn a penny.

Throughout this time, I worked. I worked full time for a large bank, this was something I enjoyed but when I got home all I did was sit infront of the TV and “relax”. This was a complete waste of time and I didn’t get anywhere. So what happened next? I did something.

How to start making money online

How to start making money online in 2017


Eight Steps on How to start making money online in 2017

  1. Set yourself some time everyday to work on Making money online.
  2. What are you good at? What are you passionate about?
  3. Figure out how you can help people in your niche? What problems do they have?
  4. Figure out how you are going to make money from it?
  5. Set yourself specific goals.
  6. Find out what works and stick to it.
  7. Build your Online presence
  8. Keep going until your Financial Independent

I will go through each one of these in detail, and I will tell you exactly what you need to do.

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Set a Specific Time

The first thing you need to do is set a specific amount of time aside for making money online. Whatever it is you are trying to achieve( we will come onto this later), it will never get done if you don’t give yourself time.

I focused on the end product and this issues in my way, if I just gave myself time to work on making money online I would be far closer to achieving Financial Independence.

Each and everyday I now working on making money online each morning before I start work on my numerous business projects, and and an hour at lunchtime. This doesn’t seem a lot of time but an extra hour and a half each day is 547 hours of work each year. If you started Matched Betting an made £20 an hour from it (Something I do easily) you would have made £10,940 in a year.

If you sit down and think when is a good time for you to work, is it when the children are at school? Is it at lunchtime when you are eating? Or is it on a night instead of watching TV.

Every single one us could think of an hour a day we could spend making money online.

What are you good at?

The key to starting to make money online is finding something you enjoy, something you are good at and something you are passionate about. It is very cheesy.

The key to starting to make money online is to find something you are good at. What do you do in your day to day job? If you say nothing, you are wrong. For example if you are a manager of a team, you understand how to develop a team, how to manage people, how to develop a strong ethos. You will probably understand how to make your team more productive etc… All of these are great niche’s you could write about.

If you work in sales, well your opportunities are endless, you could write thousands of posts about sales. Whatever you are good at you can make an online business around.

The second thing is, are you passionate about this? There is nothing worse than coming up with a business idea that you have no passion for, it will soon die out. This isn’t to say it is has to be about your favourite subject, you just have to have passion for that idea.

I make a lot of money Matched Betting (£800 and counting this month), some of you will say do you have any passion for it? I say yes. It is a great way for people to make money online, and I continue Matched Betting to show people you can earn money online and because I make a lot of money doing it. This links a couple of my passions, making money and showing others how to make money.

So what are you good at? What is your passion?

Solve People’s Problems

So you have decided on how you are going to make money. Whether you have decided to do a bit of freelancing, or write your own blog, or do some consultancy works or make money from affiliate income.

If you solely focus on making money you will fail. It is quite simple.

The key to every business is selling, of course it is, but if you don’t offer value you won’t be able to sell anything. This is one of the biggest mistakes I made early on, I focused solely on making the most amount of money I could quickly. The key is longevity. I can think of a number of ways to make money quite quickly for a couple of months online, but it’s not sustainable.

The key is finding problems for people, even problems that you have and finding ways to solve them. If you can do that, you can make money.

So at this point you have decided what you are good at and passionate about. What problems do people have who do those things? How can you help people?

For example, this post. I love helping people make money online. A lot of people don’t know where to start, this post is about showing people how to make money, I have found a problem and I am trying to solve that problem!

How are you going to make money online?

So you have set some time aside to start a side project and make some money online. You know what you are passionate about, and you know an issue you can help people with. But how are you going to make money from it?

This is the next step, and the most vital in the process.

There are hundreds of ways you could do it, you could start Matched Betting, you could start your own blog, you could build an affiliate income like I have or you could focus on freelancing or doing some consultancy work. There are thousands of ideas.

The first step is to think about what you enjoy doing, there is nothing worse than spending 500 hours a year on something you don’t enjoy, a) You won’t achieve any of your objects b) you will stop very quickly. You need to find a way to make money online doing something you enjoy.

Think what you enjoy doing, do they sell anything related to it on Amazon? If they do, you have your first money making idea. Could you sell adverts on a blog?

There are hundreds of ways to make money online.

Set yourself Specific goals

There will come times when you are demotivated, you will think about what is on TV tonight, you will think what else you could be doing with your time. The key to achieving anything with making money online is setting yourself a specific goal.

We can all set ourselves a goal, like become rich, retire by the time you are 40 or have a blog. This isn’t specific, its not measurable and it’s something that you can’t really achieve.

I set myself a goal, make £100 online a month. This was easily attainable, it was something I could work towards that wasn’t miles away, it wasn’t something daft and I knew I could achieve it. It took 2 or 3 months. After that I set myself a goal of making £500, and following that my aim was to get 10,000 subscribers within a 6 week period (I did achieve, blog post coming)

The key to each and every one of these targets was that I knew I could achieve, I knew how I was going to go about achieving it and there was a time limit in place.

Figure out what works and stick to it

Quite often you will have a post that works and attracts a lot of readers to your blog, one of the big one’s that worked for this blog was my post on Matched Betting, it drew in quite a lot of readers. Something I probably didn’t capitalise on.

If you find a topic or subject that really interests your readers, or you are doing some freelancing work and there is a lot of demand for it, or a product you have created is getting a lot of purchases, hone in on it. Whether you are a blogger, a freelancer, a Matched Better, an affiliate marketer or just complete online surveys, whatever it is, focus on what works.

For instance Matched Betting. I’ve had a lot of success with Online Bingo sites and made a couple of hundred pounds in an hour, as soon as I did that I went a complete another 10 bingo sites in two days. If something works stick with it.

You might suddenly come across something that you didn’t think about or, stumble upon whole new category of posts. As soon as you have a successful topic, build on it. This can lead you to having great success and earn a lot of money.

Build your Online presence

This is the key to succeeding online in the short term. A lot of what I am doing with this blog is trying to get an online presence. All of my other businesses and blogs aren’t personal and it is very hard for me to build a presence.

Firstly, find out where your audience is. There are two main areas I am looking to build my audience Quora and Twitter because I know that I can build an audience on Quora for some of my longer posts, and Twitter works very well for my Matched Betting posts.

The bigger your audience the bigger your profits, its quite simple. How do you build your online audience? Simple, offer value. Some of my Quora posts have nothing to do with this blog but they have got my profile thousands of views. If you offer value people will follow you.

Keep going until your Financial Independent

Don’t stop, keep going.

I know exactly what I am aiming for and that is to be able to retire by the time I am 30. If I want to do this, I have to work hard and focus. I think every time I do something for my businesses I am one step closer to achieving Financial Independence. A lot of blogs about how to start making money online profess how easy it is. It isn’t.

If you don’t know what Financial Independence is as Financial Independence in the UK is growing rapidly. The whole aim of your online businesses should be to generate you income so that you don’t have to rely on anyone else ever again. I am now my own boss due to following these simple eight steps. I can start work at 11 if I want to.

That is it for this post on How to start making money online. All I have left to do is challenge you. Simply join my email list, which you can do on the left, and email me and I will help you make your first money online. That is a promise to every single subscribe. I currently have 12,000 across all of my blogs, and I have emailed every single one of them and said I will show them how to make the first £10 online within 10 days, if they don’t I will give them £10 myself!

So either way, sign up and make £10 or get £10 free! 

Is there anything I have missed in this blog post about how to start making money online? Do you have any questions about how to start making money online?

If you do email me or comment below!

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