How to make £35 in ten minutes Today!

Make a minimum of £20 on football bets this weekend using OddsMonkey!

If you haven’t heard of Matched Betting, please read my guide on it. This will hopefully help you through how to do this. This weekend I wanted to show you how easy it is to start Matched Betting and how anyone (Yes anyone!) can make money online today, following a very few simple steps

In this post I will walk you through how to make £35 guaranteed step by step. It takes me roughly ten minutes to do it, however, it might take you a little bit longer.

In this guide we are going to take advantage of Betfred’s £30 free bet and Smarkets £10 free bet. I will show you how to guarantee profit from them.

Step 1

Sign up to OddsMonkey and use their free trial. This is essential as you will need to use the software they provide.

Step 2

Sign up to Betfred and deposit £10. Then sign up to Smarkets and deposit £40.

Step 3

You now need to place a qualifying bet with Betfred to get your free £30. Simply use OddsMonkey’s Oddsmatching software.

For this example (Which you can use) I am using Man City v Chelsea. Place a £10 bet on Man City to win at Betfred at 2.20. Then place a bet on Man City NOT to win at £10.19. This may change, so I recommend you sign up to OddsMonkey and they will confirm exactly how much you need to place.

When this finishes you will make a qualifying loss of £0.02, which isn’t bad considering you now have a FREE £30 bet from Betfred

Step 4

On Sunday the 4th December you will have the free bet of £30 you can use. You now need to use a match that has the highest odds to make sure you make the most money.

I am going place my free £30 bet on Betfred on a draw between Middlesbrough and Hull City. So I will place a £30 bet on a draw at Betfred and £21.79 against a draw on Smarkets. This will mean no matter what the outcome we will make a profit.

When you have completed this you are guaranteed to win a minimum of £21.35

From ten minutes work you have made £21.35

Profit Accumulator have hundreds of offers for you to take advantage of. Simply sign up to their free trial and see how you find it. The odds I have mentioned above will change as the weekend goes on, so I think it’s important to sign up to Profit Accumulator so that you can make sure you are placing your bet correctly.

Sign up to OddsMonkey’s Free Trial

So you have realised you can make a lot of money using Matched Betting. Let’s walkthrough another example, to show you how easy it really is. Why not? You have seen it works.

Step 1 

Sign up to Coral and deposit £5. Deposit another £40 at Smarkets.

Step 2 

First of all we need to place another qualifying bet, we want to find something with low odds to minimum our losses on this qualifying bet. For this example I have chosen the West Ham v Arsenal match on Saturday.

I am going to place a bet on Coral for Arsenal to win at 1.75 and I am then placing a ‘lay’ bet on Smarkets on Arsenal not to win at 1.79.

I will lose 16p doing this! However, I now have a £20 free bet!

Step 3

Let’s now use this free bet that we have. You will now have four £5 free bets with Coral, these can all be placed on the same match, however, it just means you have a little more work to do.

Again, we want to find a match with high odds to make as much money as possible.

For this, I am going to use the Celtic v Motherwell match. I am placing £20 on the draw at Coral, and then £16.26 against the draw on Smarkets.

This means we have a guaranteed profit of £15.93

So in total we have made £37.28 from around ten minutes work.

There are are hundreds more offers similar to this you can take advantage of by using OddsMonkey. Simply sign up to their free trial and start making money today!  


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