Matched Betting

I happened to stumble upon Matched Betting one summer before the football season begun. I was looking to put my annual bet on the winners of each division and then I suddenly read an article on it.

Matched Betting is a simple way to make quick, east and tax free profit. Within my first month I had made over £750 from Matched Betting. I know this website focus on financial independence, however, spending one hour a week can easy make you over £500 a month.

Now that sounds a no brainer to me.

What is Matched Betting?

Matched betting is a technique that allows you to take advantage of the free bets bookmakers offer. Matched Betting is not a gamble, as it is based on mathematical formula rather than chance. This is why it is risk free and why so many people are trying it.

Every penny that you make is tax free, another bonus.

So why try Matched Betting:

  • You can earn over £200 an hour easily
  • There is no risk. If you follow the simple formula you are guaranteed to make money
  • It is extremely straightforward after you have completed the formula once or twice
  • You can earn money whilst watching TV
  • It is completely tax free
  • You can make in excess of £10,000 in your first year

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Getting Started with Matched Betting

The key thing is getting started, there are hundreds of blogs, websites and guides out there on how to go about it, but the key is actually trying it for yourself. I have often said this through the blog, the longer you procrastinate and don’t try something the more likely you are that you won’t try it.

This is risk free, tax free profit. As long as you are able to follow instructions you are able to make money from this. There are services that you can use such as Profit Accumulator, OddsMonkey and The Profit Squad that you can subscribe too who will talk you through each bet you make.

I have written a review on the Matched Betting subscriptions services and it is well worth a read.

How does Matched Betting work?

The method is quite simple. You bet on every outcome of the event to ensure guaranteed profit whatever the outcome of the event is. This is why It is risk free. Gambling itself is inherently dangerous and over a long period of time you will lose money.

This method allows you to use the bookies free offers to make a guaranteed return.

The process will involve a back bet which is a standard bet where you are placing money on someone winning. A lay bet is the opposite and you are cancelling out your back bet. This will be placed with a betting exchange such as Betfair.

A quick example:

  1. Deposit £50 at Ladbrokes
  2. Place a qualafying bet at Ladbrokes. I have placed £50 on Everton u23’s to win at Ladbrokes. I have then placed £50 on Everton u23s not to win at
  3. You now have a £50 free bet. At Ladbrokes place a £50 on Barcelona v Real Madrid to draw. At Smarkets place £50 on them not to draw.
  4.  This will guarantee you a profit of £35.15

You have just made £35 in twenty minutes, life couldn’t get easier! This shows you how easy Matched Betting can be.

It is very simple. You place a qualifying bet to get the free bet. You place a bet on a team to win, lose or draw and then place a bet on that not to happen at a Betting Exchange. This way you are not gambling you are guaranteeing profit.

Let’s walk through a full real life example:

Step by Step Guide to Match Betting

For this example we are going to take advantage of Bet365’s offer. Deposit up to £200 and they will give you the same amount free.

Step 1 – Sign up to Bet365       bet365

This is where you will place your bet and these will be acting as the bookmakers in this scenario. Before placing any bet, check the terms and conditions of the free bet to make sure you understand the qualifying criteria, and if there are follow them to the letter.

You will need to deposit £200 to get your free £200.

Step 2 – Sign up to or                     betfair-logo

Betfair will be acting as the betting exchange, this is where you will place your lay bet. This is vital as this will cancel out any risk that you will have from placing your initial bet. The amount you deposit will depend on the bet you make.

Step 3 – Find and place your qualifying bet.

This is the first bit of manual work you will need to do. If you use a service such as Profit Accumulator and OddsMonkey they can do this all for you.

You want to find a bet that has the closest odds on both websites.


At the end of this bet, I will be £1.77 up. That’s not very much, it’s not. However, we now have a £200 free bet to place!

Step 4 – Place your free bet

So for my free bet I have placed a £200 bet on a draw between Man Utd and West Ham, I have then placed a £200 “lay” bet at the exchange against the draw.

matched-betting-3Matched Betting profit

Following placing these two bets you have made a minimum profit of £196.78.

If you want me to talk you through your first bet feel free to email me and I will send you an email walking you through a bet for the next day!

Finding More Bookmaker Offers

I know what you are thinking, you have seen how easy it is to make money you want more offers. This can be the tricky part, there are only so many introductory offers and once these run out where do you go?

There are two types of offers, “sign up offers” and “reload offers”. It is easy to start with as there are tons of start up offers, however, once you have used all these you will need to look for reload offers.

You can look through all the websites themselves and read the terms and conditions of the reload offers, however, as you can imagine there are services out there that can do that for you. There are monthly subscription based services that will for a small see, they will find you the sign up and reload offers for you as well as offer you tutorials on how to do them.

Now for someone like me who doesn’t want to spend time looking through these services Matched Betting subscription services are vital. The two popular one’s are OddsMonkey and Profit Accumulator. OddsMonkey charge £15 a month and Profit Accumulator £22.99 a month, which in my eyes is well worth it if you can make over £500 an hour from doing it.

I have reviewed all the Matched Betting subscription services, and it’s worth a read.

Now you should take out one of these offers. As I have said I am happy to help you with your first one. Please feel free to comment below, or email me asking for my help. You should get started as soon as you can, the sooner you start the sooner you will be making money.

Why you should use OddsMonkey

As I have said you are able to search for offers yourself, however, if you want to become serious about becoming Financially Independent you need to get used to spending money to make money. It is understanding this that sets apart those who want to become financially independent and those that will.

Your first objection will be the cost. It costs £15 a month, sounds a lot but when they walk you through how to make £2,000 the moment you join so I don’t think you can complain. On average it takes around 6 weeks to complete their welcome offers that walk you through making £2,000. After this period they will continue to send you offers that you can complete.

Your second objection, it’s a scam. Well they let you prove it’s not a scam by walking you through two offers free of charge. You can click here and take advantage of the trial immediately. Believe me, this is a guaranteed profit maker and if you don’t believe me try it for yourself!

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Matched Betting Terminology

There is a lot of terminology that I use throughout this blog so I thought I would explain what they are.

Qualifying Bet – This is a bet you have to place to qualify for a free bet. I.e In the example above you have to place a £200 bet before you get a free £20 bet.

Betting Exchange – This is where you place your lay bet. You use these to make sure you are not gambling and lock in your profit. and are the two best betting exchanges.

Lay Bet – This is the bet you make alongside your bet on the bookmakers website, this is the bet that guarantees you aren’t just gamblig your money. A lay bet is a bet made on a betting exchange.

Matched Betting Subscription Services – These are services you can subscribe to who find the bookmakers offers for you, analyse their terms and conditions and talk you through all the offers.

Sign Up Offers – Sign up offers are where you make most of your Matched Betting profits. These are offers when you sign up to a bookmakers. I.e The Ladbrokes and Bet365 offers above. So when you deposit £10 we will give you £20.

Reload Offers – Reload Offers are where you make your long term profits from with Matched Betting. These are offers bookmakers offer weekly to get you to go on there websites. I.e Sky Bet offer you one £5 free bet a week. Reload offers are consistent profit makers.

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