Matched Betting Frequently Asked Questions

When people first hear about Matched Betting they think it is too good to be true. Their second thought is it must be a scam. After they have read a couple of guides they start to think that it might be a great way to earn money. The next thing is they have an awful lot of questions. This page will hopefully answer all your Matched Betting Frequently Asked questions, and if there are any missing please comment below!


If you are in any doubt about Matched Betting read here How it works and why it still works in 2016. I even show you how to make a lot of money via Matched Betting. So let’s start with some of the simple Matched Betting Frequently Asked Questions.

Matched Betting Frequently Asked Questions.

How does it work?

Well as I said above, I answer this one in Detail here. The basics are that you take advantage of bookmakers free offers to bet on all outcomes of a sporting event. I tend to use football matches. For example you take up Bet365’s £200 offer. You bet £200 on Plymouth to win at Bet365 and then at you place £200 on Plymouth not to win. You choose a sporting event where the odds are very similar. This way you lose very little money. Due to you only using £200 of your own money you are guaranteed to win.

Is there any risk to Matched Betting?

There is no risk with Matched Betting, that’s why I don’t classify it as gambling. When you are placing your bets you are placing a bet on all outcomes, therefore you are guaranteed to win. As you are taking advantage of ‘free’ money you are guaranteed to make a profit. All you need to do is make sure that you choose a match with similar odds on both outcomes.

How much money do you need to start Matched Betting?

You can start matched betting from as little as £20. However, the more money that you start with the bigger offers you can take advantage of. If you follow Profit Accumulators free trial bets all you will need is £20 to start with. If you then decide to sign up, you can make £2000 in your first month from an initial £100.

My personal opinion is that you can start with £20, however I recommend starting with £100. This allows you to get started with low bets and to make sure that you understand the formula before moving onto any high value offers.

How much money can I make Matched Betting?

You can make a lot of money. As mentioned above, Profit Accumulator can walk you through £2,000 of profit and you can do this in one month, however, it can take up to three months.

If you are putting in an hour a week you can earn around £1,000 a month. This is once you fully understand the formula and once you have signed up to a website such as Profit Accumulator.

Should I sign up to a Matched Betting service?


Yes you should. You could search for offers yourself and you could read the terms and conditions of each website, however, this isn’t feasible and reduces your earning time. For under £30 a month you can start earning over £1000 a month from a few hours work, if you looked at the terms and conditions yourself the time spent making that money would be a lot more.

Do I need to understand gambling to start Matched Betting?

Again, this is a common misconception and one that I am keen to disprove as part of Matched Betting Frequently Asked Questions. Before starting matched betting all I did was have one annual bet, nothing else. Matched Betting isn’t gambling it is more about understanding a similar formula and replicating it. There is some terminology that you need to understand but nothing that you can’t get it from this blog, and if you can’t? Feel free to send me an email.

Can you lose money Matched Betting?

If you follow the set process and formula in place you will not lose money. Where you can lose money is by not understanding the process and trying to have a go before understanding. As I have said many times before it is worth signing up to Profit Accumulator and using their trial as then it’s obvious how you make money.

If not, feel free to email me and I am happy to help.

Can I make money long term?

Now I can’t predict the future, no matter how hard I try. Matched Betting has been around for years and people are still making money from it, and some are making thousands each month. This won’t end as bookmakers need to entice new and old customers to their websites. A very small percentage of bookies customers used Matched Betting, so it is unlikely to go away.

All I would say is, if you are worried about the future of Matched Betting, start today! Even if only lasts a year you are better off spending the next year earning £1,000 a month.  If it all comes crashing down in a year you have still earnt £12,000!

Do I pay tax?

No, Matched Betting is completely tax free. You do need to declare this for tax purposes. This may change in the future, but that would be up to the government of the day. So Matched Betting is risk free, tax free, guaranteed profit? Yes it is.

How do I start Matched Betting?

Well first of all you need to read my guide on how Matched Betting works, and then after you have read that subscribe to my blog to make sure you receive all my updates on my Matched Betting profits and latest tips. Then subscribe to the Profit Accumalator and try their two introductory offers. If you follow their formula you will no doubt be hooked and continue from there!

What Matched Betting services are there?

Well there are a lot of services out there. I have tried to review the pro’s and con’s of each one and I believe there are a lot of them and it is well worth a read.

I am also developing a Matched Betting course for a one off fee. If you are interested please email me and I will send it to you for 75% off the price it will be when realised!

So there we have Matched Betting Frequently Asked Questions, these are the one’s I have been asked and one’s that come up regularly on blogs and forums.

Any other questions? Leave your questions in the comments and I will get back to you and hopefully add them to Matched Betting Frequently Asked Questions.