Matched Betting Guide

Pound Shilling & Pence – Matched Betting Guide

I happened to stumble upon Matched Betting one summer before the football season begun. I was looking to put my annual bet on the winners of each division and then I suddenly read an article on it.

Matched Betting is a simple way to make quick, east and tax free profit. Within my first month I had made over £750 from Matched Betting. I know this website focus on financial independence, however, spending one hour a week can easy make you over £500 a month.

Now that sounds a no brainer to me.

What is Matched Betting?

Matched betting is a technique that allows you to take advantage of the free bets bookmakers offer. Matched Betting is not a gamble, as it is based on mathematical formula rather than chance. This is why it is risk free and why so many people are trying it.

Every penny that you make is tax free, another bonus.

So why try Matched Betting:

  • You can earn over £200 an hour easily
  • There is no risk. If you follow the simple formula you are guaranteed to make money
  • It is extremely straightforward after you have completed the formula once or twice
  • You can earn money whilst watching TV
  • It is completely tax free
  • You can make in excess of £10,000 in your first year

Pound Shilling & Pence – Matched Betting Guide