November Income Report – Work More, Earn More, Save More

November Income and Savings Report

Welcome to my second income report. I aim to post these every month so you can hold me accountable for everything i do online and offline, and you can see what you can achieve if you work hard.

The aim with this blog is to build a site that helps people and inspires people to success. I am well on my way to achieving Financial Independence, I am also well on my way to earning a full time income online alone.

Most importantly I want to show you much hard work goes into achieving Financial Independence. I love what I am doing and I love working with people to help save them money and make them money. Nevertheless I work very hard, and put a lot of hours in, and at the end of each and every month I will show you how much I earn an hour.

November’s Income

I have had another very successful month, pretty much every income stream has increased and this is despite less time being focused on my main business. I spent a whole week on a training course, this was hugely beneficial and will no doubt help me achieve my goals for 2017.

I am yet to complete any property transactions for the last quarter of 2016 and I anticipate I won’t make any money until 2017 from property now.

Business Profits and Consulting Income – £4,415

Despite spending a week off from my main business to go on a training course I have had another excellent month for my business. I had two major clients come to me this month and one of these were responsible for £1,400 of that. I have another good month planned for December, and January is looking very profitable.

This is profit, so after all expenditure is taken off. The re-brand is going very well and the new website will go live very, very soon.

The business itself will see a small change in direction in the coming months. This is a new way for me to gain business and something I have researched for a long time. A lot of my business is about gaining leads and getting enough people who want to work with me. I have hopefully got a new source of business that could give me 15-20 leads a week. This could increase my income by £8-10,000 a month, which would revolutionise my business. However, it would mean taking on employees.

Matched Betting – £1,120

This is a much better month for me and one that I will aim to beat in December. December is normally quite profitable for me when it comes to Matched Betting. This is mainly as I have a week or so before Christmas where I can concentrate on it quite a lot.

I had two offers that made me £360, and this was all done in one hour on a Saturday morning. If anyone is unsure whether to start Matched Betting, I recommend you read this guide, as anyone can start Matched Betting and make easily £100 in their first week.


I have recently joined OddsMonkey  and moved from Profit Accumulator.

Affiliate Income – £132.55

As I said last month, this is an area that I treat as bonus income and one that I don’t really focus that much attention on. If this income keeps on increasing I might have to look at this as a bit more than bonus income.

I spent a bit more time on it this month. The affiliates I promote provide me with a regular income each and every month as they are recurring commissions. This is hugely beneficial as it is not just a one off commission, each and every month I get customers coming back.

All I can say is thank you to those people who have purchased things through links of mine. If you ever purchase something through an Affiliate link of mine I promise it is worth it for you as I never recommend anything that isn’t worthwhile.


Banking Income – £115

This is another income stream that I am relatively proud of due to the little amount of time I spend on it. It also one that I hope to increase over time as my savings increase. Unfortunately this income stream went down a bit as I wasn’t really cash rich this month and I only had one recommend a friend from Nationwide this month.

Want £100 free? – Get recommended to Nationwide and open a bank account and switch to Nationwide within 28 days and we can share £200. Simply comment below or send me an email!

Amazon Associates – £22.10


Well I don’t even know how I earned this money. I don’t promote Amazon on any of my sites, and I haven’t sent an email to my email list recommending anything to Amazon for 3 or 4 months.

I imagine people had an email stored and clicked on it this month due to Black Friday. I hate Black Friday to!

The key is getting people onto Amazon, once they are there, no matter what they are buying you will get a percentage of it. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t shop at Amazon?

Google Adsense – £4.10 

Every little helps? Well this is just a small amount of income in the grand scheme of things, but to me it’s worth having this income and it’s better in my pocket than Google’s!

I don’t anticipate this increasing, I forgot I even had the website this money came from!

Total Income this month – £5,808.75

Total Income last month – £4,799.52

Increase in Income – £1,009.23

Disclaimer: This is before  tax or national insurance has been paid, and before any pension contributions. I have not included any income from my partner (She didn’t want it included!). A lot of my income is spread through a number of business and my tax affairs are complicated and will not be discussed on this site. 

Overall I am delighted with this increase in income. For me to earn this amount of money after spending a week away from my businesses, is a huge bonus to me.

I spent 144 hours working this month, this includes the week on a training course. This training course was hugely beneficial, it will help me develop an aspect of my business I have been pretty poor at for the past two or three years.

My hourly pay for the past month is £40.33 an hour! 

As predicted this rate decreased this month compared to October, however, as my income itself has increased I am a happy man .

Savings Report

Now for the most important bit. My mantra is simple, Work More, Earn More, Save More.

The more I work, the more I earn and the more I earn the more I save. It’s very simple, but something most people ignore. Just because you are earning more money, doesn’t mean that you can spend more money.

I don’t include my other half’s income for a number of reasons. From a savings perspective I can’t differentiate as I pretty much pay for everything and she saves everything! We save a whopping 71% of our income this month.

As I mentioned before we have no dependants and we are very frugal. December won’t be the same I can guarantee you that.

Plans for December

Matched Betting


As I promised in my October Report I sorted this out this month. I had an excellent month Matched Betting. Luckily I got lucky with a number of my bets, and made quite a bit of money from very few bets.

December should hopefully be a good month to. I am two weeks in and haven’t made much money yet, but I plan to go crazy this week! I will earn at least £1,000 this next month.

Website and Blogging


Last month I made a lot of promises and probably achieved none of them. The traffic for this blog has gone crazy which is brilliant!

My new blog that I discussed is still WIP, however, I am hoping that later today I can publish the first posts to help it start ranking in google and from January on wards it should at least start making me some money.

This blog will get a bit of my attention this month, however, my dream of rebranding my business and launching a new website for it is far more important as it provides the bulk of my income.

One thing I am really keen to do is to diversify my business income as well as improve my other income streams. My personal opinion is that the more income streams you have the wealthier you will become.

That’s all for November, fingers crossed December is a good month!


I have another post coming in the next week discussing my aims for 2017 and my net worth!

Want to know more about how I earn money? Anything I could include for future months. Comment below.

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  1. Wow, awesome blog layout! How lengthy have you ever been running a blog for?
    you make blogging look easy. The overall look of your web site is fantastic, let alone the
    content material!

    1. I have blogged for over five years now, but this once has been running for around 10 months. I haven’t given it as much time as I should have, but I plan to from now on.

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