October Income and Savings report

October Income and Savings Report


Each and every month I will post my income reports so that I can be held accountable for everything I do online and offline. I want to do this for two reasons. One so that I can show you I know what I am talking about, and so that I can document my progress over the years.

Secondly, and most importantly, I want to show you how much work goes into what I do. To me this isn’t work as I love what I am doing, but I want to go into far more detail about my earnings and show you that the more work you do at the beginning  the more it will pay off in the long run.

The sole aim of this isn’t to show you my income, its to show you the time and effort I have put into my business as well as all of my side hussles. However, if these reports can inspire even just a couple of you to start a side hussle or start working your way towards Financial Independence that would be brilliant.

As this is my first Income report you have nothing to compare to, but I have to say this was a fairly average month for me in a number ways.

More about that later.

October’s Income

My income comes from seven different income streams this month, which is something that I want to increase! This should change though as I anticipate a significant profit from property in the next three months as well as a number of other sources.

Business Profits and Consulting Income – £3,567

This was an excellent month for me and I know that November is likely to be slightly less than this due to me working less hours on the business and not conducting any consulting so far.  have had a good month due to repeat clients and regular income, this is something that over time should increase and should see the profits increase even further.

This is after all work related expenditure so this is my profit. I have spent a lot of time on the business this month, however, there are big changes afoot. From the 1st January I will be relaunching the website, with new branding and a very different strategy.

I know I haven’t told you a great deal about what my business is but that will come in the coming weeks as I am doing a case study on how to relaunch a business!

Matched Betting – £450

This is an average month for me Matched Betting wise. Matched betting is risk free and tax free income so anything I make from this side hussle is a bonus to me. I have spent more time on other things this month, such as writing for this blog, preparing for a launch of my second blog and working on my main business.

My plan moving forward is to spend more time on this area. I believe this is an area I can make a significant amount of money as it is completely tax free. In November my plan is to spend 30 minutes each morning and 30 minutes every night matched betting. I can do this whilst watching BBC breakfast.

The aim moving forward is to make at least £40 a day on average which should average out at £1,200 a month. Fingers crossed this can be achieved! This will hopefully be assisted by me now using OddsMonkey rather Profit Accumulator. An update of my OddsMonkey review is coming soon!

I am also planning to launch a diary of every single bet I place so that I can show you how easy it is to make money.

I have recently joined OddsMonkey  and moved from Profit Accumulator, however, I highly recommend them both and wouldn’t be able to make anything near what I do without either of them.

Affiliate Income – £82.99

This is an area that I treat as bonus income. This comes from me recommending products to other people, these are products that I use on a daily basis.

This is another area that I am looking to expand on and I have put time aside this month and last month to work on my affiliate income. I am launching another blog later this month focusing on something completely different and this should hopefully significantly increase my affiliate income.

This is a huge bonus to me, as I never promote affiliate links to earn money from them, I only promote them because they have helped me earn money or made my life easier. The key to this is that I believe in the products I recommend.

Gumtree Selling – £550

This is an excellent month for me and one that won’t necessarily continue. I regularly review everything that I have and try to make a bit of money on items that I no longer need. I also do a little bit of arbitage. This is where I search Facebook and Ebay for items that I believe I can sell for more than they are selling for.

This month is probably going to be a one off, mainly due to one item selling for £450! This is an excellent return, one that I don’t focus on but provides me with a significant income for very little time spent.

Banking Income – £136.26

This is another income stream that I am relatively proud of due to the little amount of time I spend on it. It also one that I hope to increase over time as my savings increase. This will also increase significantly when I increase the amount I have in cash.

This income came from two sources. One was a £40 referral fee for a friend opening a bank account, the rest is a combination of interest and cashback across a number of credit cards and bank accounts.

Want £100 free? – Get recommended to Nationwide and open a bank account and switch to Nationwide within 28 days and we can share £200. Simply comment below or send me an email!

Note – I have already recommended one friend to Nationwide and both of us have £100 coming my way in November!

Amazon Associates – £10.99 

By far the easiest £10.99 I have made this month, I simply got a couple of friends to purchase some of their Christmas presents via my Amazon Associates link. I spent a total of 1 minute on this!

This is something I do plan to expand on and promote a bit more. Christmas time is coming up and with a significant email list and social media following this is something I really want to expand on and try to take advantage of.

The key is getting people onto Amazon, once they are there, no matter what they are buying you will get a percentage of it. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t shop at Amazon?

Google Adsense – £2.28 

Every little helps? Well this is just a small amount of income in the grand scheme of things, but to me it’s worth having this income and it’s better in my pocket than Google’s!

I don’t anticipate this increasing, I forgot I even had the website this money came from!

Total Income this month – £4,799.52

Disclaimer: This is before  tax or national insurance has been paid, and before any pension contributions. I have not included any income from my partner (She didn’t want it included!). A lot of my income is spread through a number of business and my tax affairs are complicated and will not be discussed on this site. 

Overall I am happy with my income for this month. I know that my November income for a number of things mentioned above is higher already and will no doubt increase in the coming days.

I have had a very productive October work wise and spent a total of 113 hours working this month. This is across all of my different businesses, websites, blogs and includes time spent Matched Betting.

This makes my hourly pay £42.47 an hour!

I am delighted with this. I know that this rate will significantly decrease in November and December due to me putting time into projects that won’t produce income for a number of months yet.

Savings Report

Now for the most important bit. I often point out that there is no point earning a lot of money if you are just going to spend it.

I have done this as joint with my other half as it’s impossible for me to proportion expenditure to each of us and our savings are worked out together.

We have managed to save 67.7% of our income.

This is absolutely amazing, and something I am very proud of. On the expenditure front we had a very light month with no annual bills coming up. We also have no dependents which I appreciate is a significant expenditure. We are very frugal and our weekly shopping bill is between £25-£40. If it wasn’t for eating out we would be at nearly 80%!

Moving forwards I anticipate that we will aim to save around 50% of our income, which is still an amazing achievement.

Plans for November

Matched Betting

This is one of the area’s I plan to tackle in November. I anticipate that my income from Matched Betting will top £1,000 for November based on projections. Matched Betting is very simple, the more time you put in the more you get out of it.

I have already placed over 50 bets this month, which works out at 5 bets a day, so I appreciate that I am hammering Matched Betting, but it is such an easy source of income, why wouldn’t I?

Website and Blogging

My main aim for the month is to focus on building a new website for my business. I am doing this myself as I enjoy it, and I am learning a lot from doing it. I have re-branded the company and know how I want it to look and I have started testing this and I plan to test this even further.

Secondly, I am planning to spend a lot of time on Pound, Shilling and Pence. I have 4 or 5 article pending that I am writing and researching and I want to get them written. I also plan to comment on a lot of blogs, get the Social Media pages going, write on Quora and LinkedIn as well. There are a couple of long term case studies ready to go live too.

I am also planning to write a Matched Blogging course. This is going to be an in depth course that walks you through making £500. Everyday you will get an email explaining what you need to do today. Who wouldn’t want to be walked through how to make £500 for free?

Thirdly, I have started work on another blog, something related to this one but with a completely different focus. The idea for this blog only came to me recently when doing some Keyword research. It’s something I am really passionate about and I am really looking forward to launching!

The last thing I am looking to do this month is focus more on diversifying my income. I have got more involved with Peer to Peer Lending and investing after a break from this. I hope to have some income from this in November.

That’s October explained in 2,000 words. November is going to be a lot busier month with a lot more work to be done. I hope to be putting the foundations in place to significantly increase my income in 2017.

Next month I will include my net worth as well predictions for 2017.

Want to know more about how I earn money? Anything I could include for future months. Comment below.

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4 thoughts on “October Income and Savings report

  1. Thanks for sharing your income details and well done on achieving such a high savings rate.
    I try to aim for around £400 on average for my matched betting – like you say, the more time you put in, the more you get out of it but I’m happy with the balance of effort vs profits right now. Good luck with your >£1k for November and with your other projects – sounds like you’re going to be very busy!

    1. Based on my expenses this month I can’t see myself saving anywhere near as much! I spent the last week on a training course (Post coming about it!) and I haven’t had much time to spend on side hustles.

      I think you are right with Matched Betting, I can’t see myself earning more than 1k a month on reload offers, as it does sound very boring!

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