OddsMonkey Review 2016 – Risk free Profit

I have previously written a Profit Accumulator Review 2016 and I thought it is only fair that I complete an OddsMonkey  Review 2016. I have gone through OddsMonkey with a friend and complete this review completely neutrally.

As part of the OddsMonkey review 2016 I will be comparing this service to Profit Accumulator. You can read that review here. I am a member of Profit Accumulator, so if I seem naturally biased I apologise.

Before you read this review it is vital that you read my articles, what Matched Betting is and the frequently asked questions. Matched Betting is basically taking advantage of free offers from Bookmakers, and placing bets on all outcomes to guarantee profit.

You do not need to understand gambling to make profit from gambling and OddsMonkey explains this very well. Matched Betting isn’t gambling it uses a formula to make money. Matched Betting is risk free and tax free profit. So onto my OddsMonkey review 2016.

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OddsMonkey Review 2016

OddsMOnkey v ProfitAccumulator

So what is OddsMonkey?

OddsMonkey helps you take advantage of bookmakers free offers to make risk free, tax free offer. OddsMonkey provide you with the latest offers available on the market daily. They research the terms and conditions of many offers so you don’t have to. As part of the package you get the Odds Matching tool that shows you the best odds on the market to make sure you are maximizing your profit.

Matched Betting services allow you to focus your time on making money. OddsMonkey have hundreds of offers available so all you need to do is follow their step by step guide and you are guaranteed profit. All you need to do is follow the formula and place the necessary bets and you are guaranteed profit

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What are the benefits of OddsMonkey

    • Guaranteed Profit, Tax free and Risk free
    • Over 100 Guides and Tutorials
    • Sign up Offers and Re-Load offers updated daily
    • Save you the time of searching for offers and reading terms and conditions
    • You will make your subscription back in twenty minutes
    • An awesome community
    • Money Back Guarantee
    • Cheaper than Profit Accumulator

Getting Started & Free Trial

Odds Monkey Tutorial

Well firstly all you need to do to sign up to OddsMonkeys free trial is click the link.

As I mentioned in my Profit Accumulator review 2016, it is well worth trying the free trial. This will allow you to get used to the user interface and make sure you are happy using the software. I will go through the software in a bit more detail below.

The free trial allows you to start earning money straightaway. The first thing I would say is the offers they talk you through are excellent and worth doing even if you never want to use it again. The walkthroughs in the trial are brilliant for those new to Matched Betting and talk you through it in enough detail so that even beginners can give it ago.

When we tried the free trials it took us 38 minutes to complete both offers. This is the physical time taken to place both bets. Following this if you want anymore offers you will need to sign up. The offers are fairly standard and they are not flashy to try and grab your attention. The free trial is about highlighting how is it to use and how quickly you can make money.

My view. It’s so simple, and easy to use, the walk-through in the trial highlights how is it easy to make money and it is clearly done to entice you to buy the full thing.

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OddsMonkey Software



Once you have signed up there a number of features to OddsMonkey that are quite impressive.

The OddsMatcher software is what the company are famous for and they developed this a number of years ago. This software is probably the best on the market. It is easy to use and you can quickly find matching odds and what bookmakers they are with.

The integrated calculator is excellent and probably one of the easiest on the market to use. This helps you understand how much you need to back and how much you need to lay. Most importantly it tells you how much you will make. There are a number of other excellent calculators to.

The daily offers calendar is brilliant, all the latest offers are there in front of you. You are one click away from any offer, and a walk-through of that offer. Before you even click on the offer it tells you roughly how much you will make from it.


How much money can you make with OddsMonkey

This is the best part, the amount you earn is completely up to you. Matched Betting is risk free, tax free, so it is up to you how much money you make. The more time you put in the more money you will make. From around an hour a week you can make upwards of £50.

Yesterday I spent 8 minutes on the site and placing my bets and I made a £32 profit, which works out at £240 an hour, not bad going if I do say so myself!

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How much does it cost?

This is the best value for money of the Matched Betting subscription services. The cost of this is £15.99 which is around £8 less a month than Profit Accumulator. Read my Profit Accumulator Review.

The cost of this will be paid for within half an hour of using OddsMonkey. The profit you can make is up to you. I have spoken about this before, quite often you need to spend money to make money. Throughout the internet you will see people who are using this to make a lot of money each month.

Even better news is that OddsMonkey offer a 30 day money back guarantee!


OddsMonkey Forum

OddsMonkey Review

I talked about the forums on my review on ProfitAccumulator. The forums give you a great insight into those who does this as a full time job. I was pleasantly surprised about the forums as the atmosphere was excellent. I posed a simple question on the forums just to see how everyone would respond and I had four responses in half an hour and about three more a day later offering to help me even further if I wanted it.

OddsMonkey v Profit Accumulator

This is one paragraph I thought would be easy, as I honestly thought I would be recommending Profit Accumulator as the better product. It is more established, has got better forums and is all round thought of as the better one of the two.

I only signed up to OddsMonkey as part of this OddsMonkey Review 2016. I imagine I will be keeping my membership!

My opinion has changed, apart from being cheaper, I felt that the software on OddsMonkey is better. I can tell that OddsMonkey is constantly being improved and worked upon. I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone to purchase OddsMonkey.

However, I would say the same about Profit Accumulator. Whichever one of these you use I believe you will make money, risk free and tax free.

All I have left to say is  Purchase OddsMonkey today and I hope this OddsMonkey Review 2016 was good enough. Is there something missing? Please comment below and I will do my best to help you.