OddsMonkey Review 2017

As part of my series on Does Matched Betting work in 2017, I thought it is only right I write an OddsMonkey review 2017 , I believe it is vital to the series that I post a completely unbiased review of it, and tell you truthfully what I think.

OddsMonkey, along with Profit Accumulator, is one of the main tools that can help you with Matched Betting. I used to use Profit Accumulator but moved over to OddsMonkey in November 2016, for no other reason that to save costs and I preferred their website over Profit Accumulator’s

OddsMonkey Review 2017

Oddsmonkey review 2017

What is OddsMonkey?

OddsMonkey is a service that helps you with Matched Betting. OddsMonkey provides you with the latest sign up offers and the latest reload offers. OddsMonkey’s aim was to provide the best Matched Betting software out there along with the best customer service.

OddsMonkey don’t charge any extra fees for any of the services or calculators, the total cost is either £15 a month or £150 for an annual subscription.

You can even get a free trial of OddsMonkey to make sure you are happy with their site.

How does OddsMonkey work? 

Well OddsMonkey have two key features, their sign up offers and reload offers. They have the beginners section, this provides you with all the guides you need to understand Matched Betting.

In the beginners section they have guides showing you how to make over £2,000 from sign up offers alone, they walk you through the offer, what you need to do to make guaranteed, risk free profit.

Once you have completed all the sign up offers, they then have their daily offers calendar. This provides you with all the offers for the day, a strategy to make use of all these offers and what profits you can make from these offers.

So all you need to do is sign up to OddsMonkey and they walk you through how to make money!

OddsMonkey Tools and Support

One of the best things about OddsMonkey is the tools and support they offer, this is all included free in your monthly subscription. I will go through as many as I can to give you an idea

OddsMatcher and Matched Betting Calculator

This is the best tool on the site and the one that you will use all the time. This is the original OddsMonkey product and the one they are the most proud of. This tool finds you all the bets and provides you with the latest odds. It calculates exactly what you need to put on every single bet to guarantee profit.

You don’t need to know what matches to bet on, or know anything about betting because of the OddsMatcher and Matched Betting Calculator, you simply do exactly what they tell you and you are guaranteed to make you money.

OddsMonkey’s Daily Offers Calendar

This is the first thing that I check everyday when I start my Matched Betting. It is the most straight forward and simple  tool out there. It lists all the offers that are available that day, what the guaranteed profit from them offers is, and the strategy you need to follow. It then links to the OddsMatcher and the Calculator, and follow the strategy, follow the bets it tells you to place and watch the profit roll in.

OddsMonkey’s The Acca Matcher

How many times do people place Football Accumulator bets? How many people lose money on Football Accumulators? What if there was a tool that could guarantee you a profit on every single accumulator bet you place?

Well OddsMonkey have one!

They have a number of different strategies that you can use, one that guarantees you a profit, or one’s you can take a small risk with the likelihood of making a profit from expected returns.

This is something that I use as I have completed all the beginner offers.

OddsMonkey Forum and Community

This is the one area that Profit Accumulator tends to win this area time and time again, due to the sheer number of members. However, if I can sum up the OddsMonkey forum in one word, helpful. If you post a question someone will answer it within ten minutes. What more can you ask?

I try and answer as many questions as I can, on top of this I tend to ask a lot of questions too!

Why not take OddsMonkey’s free trial and give it a go?

Can you make money with OddsMonkey? 

This has to be one of the most asked questions, along with does Matched Betting work, and the answer is yes!

I publish every month my income reports, and in October and November I made significant profits from Matched Betting. You can guarantee profit every single month by putting aside time every single month, why wouldn’t you start Matched Betting?

You can make £1,000 every single month, the first couple of months are the easiest as well.

Make Money with Bingo & Casino Offers

OddsMonkey isn’t about just making money using free bet offers and Matched Betting, there are many other ways to make money.

My favourite one of these is Bingo offers, OddsMonkey talk you through how to make risk free money. Bingo Offers are the quickest and easiest ways to make money, I made over £100 in twenty minutes work from Bingo offers. These are something that people often overlook, however, why wouldn’t you take advantage of them?

You can make around £300-£400 from the initial Bingo offers. The Casino offers aren’t for me! There is risk involved with casino offers and I don’t want to take any risk!

OddsMonkey Review 2017

So overall what can I say about OddsMonkey?

OddsMonkey show you how to make risk free, guaranteed profit every single month! You can make £1,000 from OddsMonkey so why wouldn’t you use it?

OddsMonkey provide you excellent tools, with a great forum and most importantly amazing customer service. For £15 a month, you can make an amazing second income.

I use OddsMonkey, surely that is the best recommendation I can make. I hope you have enjoyed this OddsMonkey review 2017, if you have any questions please comment below.

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