Profit Accumulator Review 2016 – Spending £23 to make £1,500 a month!

Profit Accumulator Review 2016

Before you read this review, I would like to state that I am now an advocate of OddsMonkey, I do not believe the service that Profit Accumulator offers is good enough. Please try OddsMonkey for free.

If you haven’t read my articles on how you can make £500 an hour from Matched Betting and what Matched Betting is, I think it’s important you do. I use Profit Accumulator to help me find Matched Betting opportunities. This could be one of the key tools to help you earn more money. I hope this Profit Accumulator Review 2016 is useful to you.

I speak about Profit Accumulator a lot and I thought it was right that I did a Profit Accumulator review 2016.

You can earn over £1000 a month from Matched Betting from just a few hours work. You can do this without spending any money on software, however, as I have said many times it isn’t worth wasting your time on.

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What is Matched Betting?

Matched Betting is taking advantage of free offers by bookmakers to make a guaranteed profit. You place a bet on all outcomes to make sure that whatever the outcome of the match you are better offer. Here is a brief example:

  1. You sign up to a bookmaker and deposit the amount required. For example deposit £5 with Coral and get £20  free.
  2. Place a “qualifying bet” to win your free money. With Coral once you have placed a £5 free bet, you will instantly be credited with £20. You simply back one team to win, and then ‘lay’ against that team, so whether Team A wins, loses or draws you won’t lose.
  3. You then place a £20 bet on Team B to win, and then ‘lay’ against Team B, so if Team B wins, loses or draws your bet is covered.

What is Profit Accumulator?

Profit Accumulator finds you the best free bets and offers on the market, which saves you trawling through the offers. Finding offers can be time consuming, Profit Accumulator does that for you. When you have chosen an offer, the video tutorial takes you through that offer step by step.

There is no risk at any point during the process and each free bet and offer is guaranteed to make you a profit.

The cost is £22.99 a month or £150 a year. I always advocate paying for the annual membership as there is a clear cost saving, however, if you are new to Matched Betting I advocate paying for one month then converting to the annual membership.

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Profit Accumulator Review 2016 – Summary of Benefits

  • Risk free profit guaranteed
  • Video tutorials for every offer
  • No time spent searching for offers and reading terms and conditions
  • You will make your money back within half an hour
  • Excellent value for money
  • I use it!

Profit Accumulator Free Trial

Profit Accumulator Trial

The best place to start is their free trial. As part of this review I took my other half through the free trial. I said to her that she should just read the beginners guide, follow the video tutorial and let me know how she did. For a total of 32 minutes work she made £41.23. For half an hours work this is well worth doing.

The video tutorials are excellent, they are backed up by written instructions that talk you through two offers. The two offers are relatively straight forward offers, and they let you understand the basics.

I recommend the free trial to anyone, whether that is someone who is used to Matched Betting or not. This will allow you to get used to the user interface and whether you will be able to follow their guides. Once you have complete the trial you will no doubt be hooked and sign up!

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Profit Accumulator Offers

One of the key things I wanted to put in this Profit Accumulator Review 2016 is about their offers. People think when you sign up to sites like this there will be a limited number of offers and they will run out. They don’t.

You can start with the sign up offers which will help you earn over £2000, which is a great start. These are all the introductory offers bookmakers are making. On top of this there are re-load offers. These are offers bookmakers use to entice customers back.

I have used this site for a number of months and every time I have logged on there has been a number of offers available for me and I have not been short of offers. There are also premium forums that you can use to find even more offers.

Profit Accumulator Products and Services

They offer a whole range of products and services, these include Video Tutorials, Beginners Guides, Matched Betting Calculator, Oddsmatcher, Matched Betting Forum, Match Catcher and accumulator software. These are all excellent and I will go through them in turn.

Profit Accumulator Video Tutorials

These are one of the key reasons to sign up to Profit Accumulator. Along with the time you have saved from not having to look for offers, the tutorials walk you through every single offer. It is nearly impossible to make a mistake when completing an offer as the tutorial takes you through the process from start to finish, even walking you through the specific terms and conditions of that offer.

Every single day there are several offers all with video tutorials, so you will never be lost for an offer or a tutorial for that offer!

Matched Betting Calculator

This is one of their most useful tools. You don’t have to worry about how much money you need to put on each bet or how much money you are going to make, this calculator calculates this all for you.


Profit Accumulator have developed their own odds matching service, something that has saved me hours of time and made me a lot of money. The main markets it covers are Football and Horse Racing.

The service means you don’t have to find any odds on bookmakers websites, you simply input the bookmaker you are using and OddsMatcher findings the odds that you are looking for and recommends the best one’s. You can even place the bet without going to the bookmakers website, this means that even more time is saved.

This tool is one that will save you a lot of time and effort, and make you a lot of money.

Matched Betting Forum


This is one of the main reasons that I prefer Profit Accumulator over OddsMonkey. The forum in ProfitAccumulator is excellent, this stems from the fact it is probably the biggest site of its kind on the internet. The forum has hundreds of active members along with the moderators.

Everyone is happy to help everyone whether you are a beginner or someone with a lot of experience. If there are some great odds or an offer not to be missed, it’s on that forum. The forum is active 24/7 and it is a great community. If you can’t find help on this site, you will be able to find it on the forum!

How much can you make with Profit Accumulator?

This is the question everyone asks.

This completely depends on how many bookmakers you are signed up to. If you aren’t signed up to any you can easily earn in excess of £2,000 from introductory offers. I conducted an experiment, again with my other half. She managed to earn £2,300 from the introductory offers and it took her 6 weeks to complete. You could easily complete this within two weeks, but that requires a bit more starting money.

The forums have people who have earned over £100,000 from Profit Accumulator. A cautious estimate would be to earn between £1,000 – £1,500 a month from two or three hours work a week.

Now if you aren’t even tempted to sign up from that last statement you never will be.

How much money do you need to start with

This depends how quickly you want to complete the introductory offers. To complete the offers within a 6 week time period I would recommend starting with £200. However, if you are happy to complete them over a couple of months you can start with as little as £100.

Managing your cashflow is quite important and I would never recommend trying to complete too many offers at once.

Profit Accumulator v OddsMonkey

Now as I have said before I am a huge fan of Profit Accumulator and I am a member of the site myself. OddsMonkey is an excellent service as well and has it’s own benefits, and has been slowly eating into Profit Accumulator’s membership.

I believe Profit Accumulator is the better site and provides the best service. I believe the forum is the tipping point, if you have any issues or questions the forum on Profit Accumulator will answer it within ten minutes.

However, I believe whether you sign up for Profit Accumulator or OddsMonkey you will make a lot of money. If in this Profit Accumulator review 2016 I can get you to do one thing, that would be to try the free trial and then purchase it. It is a sure fire way to increase your income and Who doesn’t want an extra £1000 a month?


Should I buy Profit Accumulator?


For £22.99 a month you have the ability to make over a thousand pound by spending a few hours of your time. I believe the site is excellent and answer every question you could possibly have. I believe in this Profit Accumulator review 2016 I have remain unbiased and I have given you my honest opinion.

I have taken my other half and a friend through Profit Accumulator (Both now paying members). They agree that the site is excellent, the user interface is easy to use and the tutorials are excellent.

Profit Accumulator is basically a site that provides tutorials to make risk free money!

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*This article may include affiliate links. If you sign up to Profit Accumulator I may receive a referral fee. 

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