Profit Accumulator v OddsMonkey

Profit Accumulator v OddsMonkey isn’t necessarily the heavyweight title fight everyone is expecting, but it is probably just as important. As I have mentioned a few times Profit Accumulator and OddsMonkey can help you earn thousands of pounds every single month, so they can be a huge part of your Financial Independence plan. I thought it was only right I put the two most popular Matched Betting services, so the Profit Accumulator v OddsMonkey article was born.

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Why these two?

These are the two most popular Matched Betting services out there currently, I will over time review them all, however, I thought it was best to review the two most popular first.

I have used both of these services personally and I can provide an overview of them both whilst still remaining partial. At no point have either OddsMonkey or Profit Accumulator attempted to influence this review.

What is Matched Betting?

Well just in case none of you know what Matched Betting is, I thought it best I explain. Matched betting is a technique used to exploit the free bets offered by bookmakers, this is completely tax free and risk free.

The process is simple.

  1. You sign up to a bookmaker and deposit the amount required. For example deposit £5 with Coral and get £20  free.
  2. Place a “qualifying bet” to win your free money. With Coral once you have placed a £5 free bet, you will instantly be credited with £20. You simply back one team to win, and then ‘lay’ against that team, so whether Team A wins, loses or draws you won’t lose.
  3. You then place a £20 bet on Team B to win, and then ‘lay’ against Team B, so if Team B wins, loses or draws your bet is covered.

Therefore the Profit is the value of the free bet.

Profit Accumulator and OddsMonkey walkthrough offers and save you the time searching for offers and reading their terms and conditions.

Profit Accumulator v OddsMonkey

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Profit Accumulator

Profit Accumulator v Odds Monkey

Profit Accumulator is the biggest Matched Betting service of them all, it has been around the longest and probably has the best look of them. You can try it for free and this will walk you through making you first £45, and after that you will need to sign up. You can sign up for £22.99 or £150 annually (here). There are additional extras you can purchase but they really aren’t necessary.

The Pro’s of Profit Accumulator

  • The instructions for each and every offer are excellent. They provide you with written instructions and a video walkthrough of each and every offer. This means that if you follow them you can’t go wrong. They are by far the best instructions on the market.
  • The forums are the best out there. They have hundreds of active posters, who will help anyone! They also have links to offers that aren’t on the website yet, and can help you make money via other betting schemes.
  • Excellent beginners training and tutorial videos. If you are slightly dubious or worried about Matched Betting, the legitimacy of this website will
  • Weekly emails with the best offers on the market at the moment. This makes sure that you don’t miss any offers, and that you can’t forget about Matched Betting!
  • 30 Day Money back guarantee. If you decide that Profit Accumulator isn’t for you and you don’t think it is working, you can cancel and get your money back.

I have used Profit Accumulator myself, and I am clearly an advocate for it. The system itself is excellent, and the useability of the website is one of the huge pro’s. The cost monthly is more expensive than OddsMonkey, and that might persuade someone new to use OddsMonkey for. However, if you are willing to pay annually they are both the same.


OddsMOnkey v ProfitAccumulator

OddsMonkey is known as the Matched Betting service with the best software. I have not used OddsMonkey a great deal as I was an avid Profit Accumulator user, however, for this review I used it again and walked a friend through a few offers. I feel in love with the software and how easy it is to use.

The Pro’s of OddsMonkey

  • The daily offer calendar – This deserves its own line, it is that good. You simply check in each day and it shows you the best offers, the predicted profit and then all you need to do is click it, follow the instructions and you have made money.
  • Well integrated features – All of the features are well integrated and work well together, you don’t need to be constantly changing tabs, everything fits together nicely.
  • Over 100 tutorials – There are over 100 tutorials, they vary in length and quality, but there are some for beginners and experienced Matched Betters. If you ever get stuck you should be able to find the answers in the tutorials.
  • New features – OddsMonkey are constantly reviewing their features all the time, they have recently released an Acca Matcher, and they will no doubt be launching some new products all the time.
  • 30 Day Money back guarantee – OddsMonkey have matched the money back guarantee provided by Profit Accumulator.

As I mentioned before I use Profit Accumulator, so I don’t want to seem bias, but OddsMonkey is an excellent tool. One that I would recommend to anyone.

So which would I choose?

When I decided to write this article about Profit Accumulator v OddsMonkey, I tried to look at it completely neutrally, I had previously used Profit Accumulator and I knew I was biased towards them.

Well things have changed.

I would now recommend OddsMonkey. 

Firstly it is cheaper, and every penny counts. Secondly the customer service is excellent and this is hugely important. Thirdly the forums are amazing and improving day by day. Finally, the tools and products provided by OddsMonkey are in a different league compared to the Profit Accumulator equivalent.

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How much can you make using Profit Accumulator and Odds Monkey?

Both websites advertise that you can make over £2,000 a month tax free from Matched Betting. This is a very realistic aim, but this requires you to put in a significant amount of time. You can make £1,000 a month from spending around 5 hours a week using Profit Accumulator and OddsMonkey. However you can earn around £500 from around 1 hour a week.

Without these services you could make around £50 in an hour due to all the due diligence you need to do.

Are Profit Accumulator and OddsMonkey worth it? 

The simple answer to this is yes. I have stated which I prefer, however, both of them offer an excellent product. You will get your initial money back within twenty minutes, after that everything is profit.

All I can do is recommend that you read this guide Profit Accumulator v OddsMonkey and sign up for one of them. They both offer great value and give you the chance to earn a significant amount of money from home.

If there is anything you want me to add to this article on Profit Accumulator v OddsMonkey let me know in the comments and I will cover it off!

*This article may include affiliate links. If you sign up to OddsMonkey or Profit Accumulator I may receive a referral fee.